Wahine Surf Club

In 2012, The Wahine Surf Club originated in Virginia Beach, Va., but the world of waterman sports is truly one without borders. We started by sharing photos, videos, meet-ups, events and news to create a cohesive community in our hometown, but realize this group — and more importantly its message — has the potential to grow into something much larger. The sports we are passionate about are enjoyed throughout the world, and the community we’ve created can be as well. Regardless of where you call home, feel free to share your perspectives and enjoy the camaraderie of people who are as passionate about the water as you are! Surfing, standup paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wave skiing, bodyboarding, skimboarding — anything goes!

Our vision is that each club member is empowered to plan events, spread the word about upcoming happenings and/or post about brands and businesses offering products and services related to the love of waterman sports. The free-flowing exchange of this information promises to enhance every members’ experiences — both in and out of the water.   Though the word “wahine” in Hawaiian roughly translates to “woman,” we welcome and encourage men to join and share their perspectives to enhance our inclusive community.

Through this vision, we hope to get more women and girls involved with what we feel is the world’s healthiest and most fulfilling sports and the corresponding lifestyle; which often leads to increased exercise, a strong sense of community and, eventually, the desire to travel the world in search of pure stoke!

As the club has grown, our mission has expanded as well.    Our mission is to promote a healthy active lifestyle and the importance of water sports to our area,  participate and support local community service programs, environmentally conscious minded, and we host our annual event in October called Coastal Edge Surf For The Cure which is to bring awareness to breast cancer and raise funds for our local chapter Susan G Komen of Tidewater.

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  • 3712 Palace Pl, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23452
  •  02/17/2013 17:00

WOW! First off we would like to thank EVERYONE who came out to Surf & Adventure Co. on Friday, Feb. 15 for the Wahine Surf Club Logo Contest Finals Party! It was so awesome to see the local surfing/SUP community come together for what turned out to be a huge night for the Wahine Surf Club. When we started the club last year, it was our goal to provide our local community with an awesome resource of surfing/SUP/waterman sports information, events, meet-ups, etc. As our Facebook group continued growing, it was clear that we had something very real brewing! So to start of 2013, we decided to bring the club together even stronger by establishing a mission statement, vision statement and this blog. It was also clear that we needed a logo to represent the Wahine Surf Club moving forward. We teamed up with our friends at S&A and decided to launch the Wahine Surf Club Logo Contest, and we were blown away with the amount of submissions we received and the crowd that came out to the finals party! It was incredible to see the amount of effort and creativity that went into the 83 designs that were submitted! After considering several factors, we carefully selected the top 10 designs and the winning design, which was drafted by Candace Burns of Virginia Beach! Candace is a student at James Madison University and a Kellam High School graduate. She said she almost wasn’t able to enter the contest due to difficulties reserving her spot at JMU’s design lab. We are so glad that she did! Her clean, classic design gives us an iconic logo as we continue to grow! In winning the logo contest, Candace also took home a custom resin-tinted Clark Shapes 9’0 noserider, a Contour ROAM camera kit and a $100 gift certificate to Surf & Adventure Co. Awesome! The night was a blast with a catered dinner by Boardwok and door prizes galore — all the while all 83 logo submissions played on monitors throughout the shop. Big thanks to the other nine finalists — Valerie Spivey, Diana Bayless, Shawna Bird Holland, Jasi Nortiz, Gil Carolino, Tom Lipe, Bob Langston, Camie Romano and Jon Bush — and everyone who submitted a design! Check out the videos below for slideshows of all 83 submissions and the Top 10/winning logo!